Listing Requirements by Lane

Common Ruby Lane Shop Requirements

To provide Ruby Lane customers and Shop Owners with the highest quality of products and services, we require all shops to meet our quality standards:

Your Shop

  • Your Ruby Lane account must be in good standing at all times.
  • Keep at least 10 items available for purchase in your shop at all times.
  • Use a PayPal Business account.
  • Offer PayPal as a payment method to automatically handle applicable buyer's Sales Tax and our Service Fee.
  • Security and Abuse
    • You must have a credit or debit card for validating your identity.
    • No false names, addresses, or virtual identities.
    • Ruby Lane reserves the right to request evidence of your real name and address at any time.

Your Items

  • Vintage or Antique items must be Authentic, High-Quality items
  • Contemporary items must be Fine Craft, Unique, or One-Of-A-Kind. Any mass-produced items must be signed by a designer or luxury brand.
  • Listings must allow shoppers to make fully-informed decisions to purchase.
  • Deceptive fakes and reproductions are not allowed.

  • All items displayed as for sale must be available for purchase.
  • All items are subject to the Ruby Lane quality assurance program.
  • Ruby Lane retains the right to decide whether an item is appropriate for display.
  • No illegally sold or traded items.
  • Items not meeting Ruby Lane requirements are subject to immediate removal by Ruby Lane.

Item Listings

  • Title, Category and Descriptions should
    • contain item measurements
    • include condition details
    • describe any flaws or wear
    • No keyword spamming allowed
  • Appraisal documents or valuations, appraiser must
    • be accredited by a nationally recognized professional appraiser organization
    • have no relationship to the seller.
  • Well known faked or reproduced items
    • must be listed with supporting information that clearly distinguishes them as authentic originals.

Item Images

  • Primary Image must
    • display only the item for sale (Dolls Lane excluded)
    • obviously show what is actually offered for sale
  • Additional Images must
    • display the entire item
    • include any Lane specific requirements
  • Final Image may
    • display the item in a vignette
    • illustrate the item in a picturesque tableau

Bulk or "Lot" Sales

A single listing contains multiples or groups of different items

  • Each item must be of good quality and able to meet age requirements for the Lane in which it is listed.
  • All items included must be closely related within a single collecting niche.
  • Items listed as a group must sell as a group; items available for individual purchase should be listed separately.

Conduct of Business

Ruby Lane holds our shop owners to a very high, ethical, conduct of business. If a customer complains directly to us about a shop

  • We investigate the complaint, and direct the shop to resolve the complaint against them.
  • If the complaint cannot be resolved in a timely manner, we may temporarily close the shop until the complaint is resolved.
  • A second complaint is sufficient grounds for removing the shop from Ruby Lane.
Ruby Lane also may close a shop for being rude or abusive to customers, dishonest, for unprofessional behavior, or if we feel that in our best judgement, leaving a shop open will cause future problems.