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A Simple Guide to Linking

A Simple Guide To Linking

Would you like to increase your Google Rank, attracting more visitors to your Ruby Lane Shop? Of course you would. One of the best tried and tested methods of doing so is setting up true reciprocal links in your shop Favorite Links section.

Here is a super simple Step-by-Step Guide to setting up reciprocal links in your shop:

  • Determine your Ruby Lane Shop PageRank using the PageRank Checker: Go to and follow the instructions. Once you know your rank set a short-term goal to increase your PageRank by two.
  • For informational purposes you can check Google from your Favorite Links page to see how many sites link back to your home page (most important), or how many sites link back to this page.
  • Find sites with a PageRank of 3 or greater that have a links page. Find the PageRank of the site using the the PageRank checker in Bullet 1.

Once you find a website you would like to link to click on 'Add New Favorite Link Here' on your shop Favorite Links page.your Favorite Links p following the instructions given. (Name of their site, url of their site, their page that links back to you, and a description.)

Prepare a simple straight forward email requesting to become a link partner with the website and send it via a contact link found on their website. Here's an example email:


I am in the process of building reciprocal links to my website and would like to link with your site. I have already added a link to your page to my Favorite Links page. You may view it here:

(Insert the URL of your Favorites Links page.)

My linking information is as follows:

Name of your shop
URL of your shop
URL of your Favorite Links page
Description of your shop

Thank you for your time and we look forward to becoming a link partner with your website.

Best regards,

Be sure to also:

  • Set a reasonable goal for the number of links you would like to add to your shop per week or month.
  • Periodically check Google from your Favorite Links section to determine how many new sites have linked back to your home page and also, the PageRank checker to see where your shop is ranking.

The most important thing to remember when embarking on a Linking program is to be patient. Finding and adding new Favorite Links takes time and effort. Most websites are slow to respond to your email request, if they respond at all. This is not cause for concern. Keep pushing forward, your Google Rank will climb over time and, you and your shop will benefit greatly from your efforts by realizing an increase in visitors, which means more opportunities for sales.

For more detailed information on setting up Favorite Links read the article, Your Favorite Links Page - Building Reciprocal Links , in Selling Successfully on Ruby Lane and the article titled, Intimidated By Links and How to Build Them? A Step-By-Step Guide, on the Ruby Lane blog Notes from the Lane.