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Adding Inserts To Your Shipments Can Increase Sales

When you make a sale and ship the item to the customer, you have a golden opportunity to strengthen your relationship with that customer. How? By including additional information in each shipment. Here are some possible items to include:
  • A brief history of the item - You can write this information up ahead of time. Many customers will be thrilled to find out more about their treasure!
  • Specific tips on how to care for the item
  • A hand written note from you thanking the customer for their business
  • An announcement of an upcoming sale or promotion
  • A list of your other shops, if you have them
  • A business card - You can order Ruby Lane cards customized with your shop name and contact information at
  • A brochure that describes your history in the field and your shop
  • If you have a brick and mortar shop, a postcard or photograph that shows the facade with a handwritten invitation to visit if they are ever in the area.
  • Finally, you could include a Ruby Lane flyer customized with your shop name and URL. Visit
  • To view all promotional items available in the Ruby Lane Zazzle store visit: These are just a few examples. You'll likely only want to choose one or two items from the above list. Then you simply toss them into the package. Customers will appreciate it and may return to purchase again.