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Adding Items is Key

Your shop is officially open, and all of your items are successfully uploaded and displayed. Your work is done, right? Wrong. No successful retailer, whether online or B&M, ever lets their inventory languish. A static inventory is unlikely to cause much excitement, no matter how great your offering.

To begin with, the Ruby Lane Search results are designed to show newly-added items first. While this might seem unfair, it's because potential customers want to see what's new. We live in a society that is easily bored. It is critical to update and add to your inventory to keep it fresh and exciting to customers. Since RL has a healthy number of new visitors to the site every day, you don't necessarily have to remove items that haven't sold over time, but you should continue to add as well. And if you're working hard to cultivate those repeat customers we mentioned in the previous article, they will want to see new items when they visit your shop.

You might be thinking, "But it's expensive to add items!" You don't have to add hundreds of items every week. A few key exciting new items can help. It can help to establish a day of the week or days during the month that you plan
to add your new items, and stick to it.

We do know that this is often a more difficult task for the fine art and jewelry artisan shops who can't always just go out and purchase more inventory (given a budget to do so) - it has to be produced - and of course quality is better than quantity. But continuing to add as it becomes possible, will help entice customers to revisit you.