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Are You Shipping as Promptly as Possible

We have found through our Secret Shopper program that 77% of our shop owners ship an item the same day that the customer pays for it. This is great news. Customers are impressed when an item ships the same day it is ordered and paid for. This is especially true with customers who are ordering for the first time on Ruby Lane or online. Generally new customers are not sure what to expect when placing an order and they are thrilled when their purchase arrives promptly.

If a shop only ships on specific days of the week this information should be noted in the shop's Terms of Sale and should also be included in a note when the payment is acknowledged to further alert the customer as to what time frame they can expect their order to arrive.

If a shop waits a week or longer to ship an item they should inform the customer of the delay to avoid any misunderstandings, but keep in mind that the customer may not be pleased and may express their displeasure or may decide to not place an order with a shop in the future. Repeat customers are crucial for any business and help to keep the orders coming in. On the other hand, unhappy customers can leave a derogatory comment when asked to complete the ResellersRatings form at the close of the sale.

In addition, be sure to set your shop to Vacation Mode when you plan to be away so the customer knows in advance their order will not ship until your return.

To make it easier to ship your items the same day, be sure to have all the necessary packaging supplies on hand, along with the necessary shipping forms and other items, such as personalized shipping labels, business cards, and note cards.

Shipping promptly is one way to please your customers and ensure that they will visit and purchase again - making your shop a successful, profitable venture.