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Dynamite Descriptions

Your item description is a major part of your overall presentation and should not only help to ease the buying process for your customers, but also ensure that your item comes up in Google searches.


The most important part of your description is your title. A title should be the best identifying words for your item in sentence form. Be sure to include keywords so your item is easily found and your buyer is guided to your description. Google Index will reject titles that use unnecessary punctuation (excessive exclamation points, asterisks), superficial adjectives (rare, outstanding, genuine, stunning), words in all capitals (CARTIER NECKLACE, BLUE BRACELET), or promotional words (Sale, Discount) or shipping information. If your title doesn't follow the guidelines, your item won't show up in a search.

First Sentence

The first sentence should almost be a rewrite of the title. Since the first four to five words used in your description will become part of your item URL, they should be appropriate keywords that would be considered relevant by Google. Just start with the facts in short, descriptive sentences.


Ask yourself: if you were seeing this item for the first time, what questions would you have? Describe your item as if the buyer had no photos to reference at all. Be your buyers' eyes - they are relying on you to tell them what they're seeing. Give exact measurements - what may seem "small" to you, may seem "big" to your buyer. Give exact color descriptions - what may look purple on your computer screen may look blue on your buyer's screen.


Be to the point. Your potential buyer doesn't want to first read through a page of text on Queen Victoria only to discover that your Victorian earrings are pierced instead of screwback. Try to first describe your item in a few fact-packed phrases. Then, if needed, provide a short history or further details in subsequent paragraphs. Google favors 1000 word pages (and at least 500 is ideal), but keep your descriptions relevant to the item as your listing shouldn't be a forum for personal journal entries.


Be professional and knowledgeable in your descriptions. The use of proper grammar helps to instill confidence in your buyers. If you can't correctly and accurately describe your item, you may seem like an ill-informed amateur to your buyers. Take advantage of spell check. A "turqoise earing" will not show up in the search for a "turquoise earring" and this misspelling will cause you to lose a potential buyer.

The Ruby Lane Team