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Getting Help:Contacting Us

If you're new to Ruby Lane or to selling online, we realize you probably have questions, and we're here to help. If you need assistance, there are a variety of ways for a shop owner to get help on the Ruby Lane site:

1. Help
If you have a question for our customer support staff, simply click Help at the top of a page and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the computer icon to contact Ruby Lane staff by email. Or use the "Email Ruby Lane" link at the bottom of any page on our site. When asking your question, please be as detailed as possible, including pertinent information such as item numbers, dates or other specifics related to your inquiry.

Our customer support staff makes every effort to reply to questions received by the end of the next business day - sooner, if possible. We ask shop owners to refrain from asking the same question more than once, as this does not help to speed the process along.

2. FAQ Knowledge Base
Another important source of information about the Ruby Lane site is our Frequently Asked Questions Knowledge Base area (FAQ Knowledge Base), which includes a section specifically for shops, as well as one for buyers. These can be found at:

3. The Ruby Lane Forums
We also offer forums where new topics are posted regularly: Extra! Extra!, Learning the Ropes, Quality Assurance and Kudos. Topics include Ruby Lane site alerts and news such as free listing days, advice for handling specific issues, how to use a site feature, helpful information related to antiques, fine arts, collectibles, jewelry and e-commerce, and answers to questions shops have asked our customer support representatives. Since a recently posted topic could very well contain a quick answer to any question we encourage everyone to try to check the boards before sending an email; in fact it is easy to do a quick check of the forums every time you sign into your shop. Our private forums are available to all shop owners with an open shop and can be accessed by signing in to your shop and going to the Shop Owners' Home Page.

4. Online Help Tutorials
Ruby Lane can take you step-by-step through many of the tools on the site and exactly how to use them, using our Online Help Tutorials. Each tutorial shows the complete process for finding and utilizing a tool from start to finish, along with tips and recommendations to help ensure optimum online sales results.

5. Free Live Help
If you require immediate assistance, you may choose to chat directly with a member of Ruby Lane's Customer Support team, if available, to receive on-line assistance. To access Live Support go to the Shop Owners' Home page, scroll down to Live Support and click, if the button is green. If the button is gray, Live Support is offline, so please contact Customer Support via email.

However you choose to get help, we want you to know our staff is here to assist in any way we can.