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Guidelines for Gift Certificates and Coupons

The subject of gift certificates has come up frequently in the past, along with that of other value-added promotional tools such as discount coupons, buy-1-get-1-free coupons, etc. We know that many shops offer them, or would like to offer them. While we feel that for the most part they are useful and constructive in promoting sales, we have also received complaints from buyers when a Ruby Lane shop sells or awards them and then closes their shop before they can be redeemed. For this reason, we have a policy about gift certificates and any type of coupon that contains future value:

Shops that choose to offer gift certificates or coupons may mention them only in individual correspondence to prospective buyers. Nowhere in their Ruby Lane shop may these be mentioned. The reason for this is that Ruby Lane cannot monitor or be responsible for the conditions under which these were purchased or may be redeemed, nor shall we make good on them after a shop has closed.

If you plan to offer gift certificates or coupons, we recommend you be sure to research and understand the many laws regulating them, which can vary by state and country.