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Handling Returns

We encourage RL shops to think about the long term repercussions of simply telling a customer, "tough luck." Repeat business is a driving factor behind most successful businesses. And if you want to nurture that repeat business, your customer must be happy with the item they received and their overall experience.

The fact is, the customer is purchasing something they cannot see in person, nor can they touch our feel it. If you purchase an item from a traditional mail order catalog such as Land's End and you receive it and you feel that it's not quite what you expected, can you return it? Of course you can - no questions asked. Now for those of you who are saying, "Well I'm not Land's End - I can't afford to do that." We say, you can't afford not to! The really successful businesses in today's marketplace didn't start off with a restrictive return policy and then allow it to become more generous once they can afford it. No - they started with a generous return policy - and that's one reason they're successful!

Now we're not saying that no one takes advantage of "the system." Those that do are often repeat offenders and you'll know not to be fooled twice. But a happy customer is a repeat customer - and that's how you build your business.

Of course, one way to minimize misunderstandings with purchases is through accurate descriptions. Any hint of vagueness can lead to headaches. We know everyone strives for accuracy in their descriptions, but every once in a while it's inevitable that someone will misunderstand what they see and read. In this case we hope shops will be gracious in their responses to customers and take steps to ensure their customer is satisfied, even if does mean processing a return for an item.

Ruby Lane and each of its independent shops want you to be satisfied with your purchase. To ensure your satisfaction and for the protection of both the buyer and shop owner, we have a Return Policy that each Ruby Lane shop owner honors.

Please be advised individual shop owners may have additional terms that apply. However, shop owners can only make their return policies more lenient, not more strict. This Policy will govern in the event of any conflict between this Policy and the policy of any individual store.

Please read the terms of the Ruby Lane Return Policy