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How to Register Your Ruby Lane Shop

Registering your Ruby Lane shop with the major search engines is probably the best way to promote your online venture and be seen in organic search engine results. Here's how to do it:
  1. Before registering your shop, make sure it has been opened; search engines will not be able to access your shop if it is still in preview. To verify your shop is open, go to:

    where nickname is your Ruby Lane nickname, and check that the menu on the left does not say "this shop is in preview".

  2. Use the links below to register your shop with the search engines. Most will ask for your web site address, which is:

    and they will also ask for an email address. Sometimes this email address is given out and used for spam, so we have a special email address at Ruby Lane to be used for search engine registration. If you use (where nickname is your real shop nickname), then any spam email will come to our web site and be ignored.

    VERY IMPORTANT: It is extremely important that you spell this email address correctly, or the spam email will come to us and we will have to deal with it!

  3. It is a good idea to re-register your shop periodically, as long as you do not do it more often than once every two weeks with any search engine. If you register too often, most search engines will penalize you and may take you out altogether.
Submit your shop to these top search engines:
  • The Open Directory (you have to drill down to the correct category. Yahoo, AOL, Netcenter, and others all use the Open Directory -- very important to be listed here!)
  • Google (powers Yahoo) - we do this for you!
  • Inktomi (powers many searches) - we do this for you!
  • All The Web - we do this for you!

We also recommend that you submit a couple of times per year.

* Please note that this article is regarding organic search engines results. It is not regarding shopping sites such as Google Product Search, that require a daily feed which Ruby Lane uploads automatically on a nightly basis for all shops.