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Improve Your Business:Follow-Up With Your Customers

Do you sometimes wonder how your customers perceive you? Do you really want to know? By asking customers how you're doing, you can significantly improve the success of your online business. It does require being willing to look at that feedback objectively. It may not be what you want to hear, but use it to make constructive changes to your shop and listings, your communication, or your shipping and packing procedures.

You can send a simple email follow-up to each transaction, and ask customers to tell you how you did and where you could improve. Of course, many people will be too busy to respond, but for the few who do, their feedback is likely to be very useful. You could also include a brief feedback form with your customer shipments. This method is a little clunkier than email, but may be easier for some customers. And if there is something you could do better– don't you want to know about it?

We encourage you to ask your customers how you did. It's a scary prospect - but one that may yield big changes that improve your shop's success.