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Make the Most of Your Shops About Us Section

Some Ruby Lane shop owners seem to be unsure of what to write in their About Us section or are shy when it comes to sharing information about themselves. This issue of Shop Clique is designed to assist reticent shop owners with this dilemma.

It is important to establish a sense of trust in the e-commerce world. Including interesting information about you and your items in the About Us section will help to put the shopper at ease. You may say, "Really there is nothing of interest to share about me or my shop." Everyone who has a business with viable products to sell, even if newly-opened, has something interesting to share with visitors - potential customers.

The Most Important Page In Your Shop

Your homepage on Ruby Lane, which includes the "About Us" section, is the single most important page in your shop. It represents your online business and its image. The content of the "About Us" section, if developed properly, can direct search engines to spider your shop (index your pages), laying down a virtual path for potential customers to follow to your shop door. Once there, it provides an opportunity for you to connect with your audience, the prospective buyer, and entice them to browse your items. Your shop can flourish or falter based on the content and presentation of your Shop Home Page. Here are some ideas for developing a content-rich and engaging About Us section for your Ruby Lane shop homepage:

Content Is Everything :

The content of your introductory paragraph of the "About Us" section is crucial to getting your shop indexed by the search engines. Words influence how a search engine will categorize your pages. In a few sentences, use relevant keywords and phrases that accurately describes your business and the products you sell. Focus on including words that likely be used in a search engine, such as Google, locate items that you sell in your shop. Search engines like fresh content so update your About Us section periodically.

Be Informal, Personable and Brief

Most Web users want information quickly and easily. The text should be brief and to the point and void of industry jargon and technical terms.

Testimonials Boost Credibility

Make your customers feel comfortable shopping online by regularly publishing a fresh batch of customer testimonials on your homepage. Testimonials provide potential customers with third party confirmation that your shop is in good standing with the online community by giving them insights into how you conduct yourself professionally, and the quality of your items.

Be An Expert

State your expertise in a particular subject area by provide pertinent information that will illustrate you possess a certain level of knowledge relevant to the items you sell. A few examples are historical information about the type of items you sell, give pointers on how to spot a fake, list the organizations you belong to, your favorite shows and why; or describe a recent buying trip.

First Impressions Matter

Most people base their judgements of a shop based on the visual content - the non-spoken communicators that immediately inform others what you're about. Ask yourself, "Is my logo and other visual elements in keeping with the image I want to project?" If you want to project a polished and professional image using a photo of your favorite pet may look adorable, but you are selling pet related items then this is not a good choice. Even in this case a cute graphic is a better idea than a photo of your pet. Keep your "About Me" section simple, don't overload it with graphics.. Relevant graphics will jazz up your page, but too many may actually turn visitors away and clutter up the page.

Keep It Fresh

Changing your homepage to reflect a season, holiday or other timely event, is one way of emphasizing that your shop's information is current. Dress up your home page and the About Us section using simple graphics or modify your logo by adding a border to reflect a season or holiday. At the same time, update the other sections of your "About Me" section. Be sure to remove outdated information or graphics. Artists Sell Themselves

Unknown artists must find ways to connect with their audience in order to sell their work. An artist must introduce themselves to the general public by providing them with information about themselves and their craft. As the artist, explain the process you use to create your pieces, tell them why you do it, and what inspires you. List awards and honors you've won, and the names and locations of museums or institutions that have exhibited your work. Give the visitor additional information such as where you will be showing your work and what shows you plan to attend in the future. Sharing pertinent information with your audience will help them to understand your work and will contribute to their overall enjoyment and appreciation of your art.

Be Accessible

Customers want to know that you are a real person, conducting a real business. This is hard to detect when a shop owner provides little, if any, contact information! We understand security is a real concern, but when you are asking a customer to trust you they do not want to risk paying money to someone they don't know and one they cannot contact easily. If you are apprehensive about using your actual street address because you work from home, then opt to pay for a Post Office box. A shop may lose sales and potential customers if they do not provide contact information, such as your name, address (PO Box), phone number or Skype number if you have an account.

Sellers need to attract visitors to their shop and entice them to make a purchase. A dynamic well planned and written "About Us" section has the potential to attract and encourage shop visitors to browse your shop and make a purchase.

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