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Quality Assurance:The Shop Flagging System

The Ruby Lane Quality Assurance "Flagging System" is one of the quality control methods we use to assist us in maintaining the highest quality web site possible. It's what makes Ruby Lane different from many other sites. Visitors to Ruby Lane want to feel confident the items offered are genuine, and accurately represented. As sellers on Ruby Lane, we want to feel that we are in good company, and that our fellow shop owners are offering appropriate items.

We know that one of the main reasons buyers choose Ruby Lane is because they know they can shop with complete confidence. They know that all shops are pre-screened and must meet specific quality and professional standards before opening for business on our site. This fact adds considerable value for both buyers and sellers, and sets us apart.

With hundreds of shops adding thousands of items daily, it is virtually impossible for Ruby Lane to manage the Quality Assurance Program without the participation of its shops. It is not possible for us to be experts in every single category on our site, yet it is important that buyers get exactly what they expect when they visit. So we rely on our community of shop owners to help in the task of ensuring visitors find true antiques and fine art, vintage collectibles, and jewelry items, accurately represented throughout the site.

Maintaining a high quality site means satisfied buyers, which is vital to our success and yours. It is our hope that we can all work together to make sure the items listed on Ruby Lane meet our customers' expectations.

You will find a full explanation of the Ruby Lane Flag System in our online help section: View it Now.