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Greetings Ruby Lane Shop Owners,

Reseller Ratings was made part of the Ruby Lane shopping experience in September, 2012. Just a little more than 2 years later we have received more than 15,000 reviews!
With the holiday shopping season upon us, getting sold items properly packed and shipped in a timely manner can be increasingly difficult. Notifying customers of shipping, delays, and other order status updates may also be overlooked. As Ruby Lane shop owners, and professional business people, it is paramount to the success of all Ruby Lane shops that your customers are always kept up to date.

We have continually enjoyed a positive Reseller Rating of more than 90%, which is outstanding. However, there are several specific situations that regularly result in negative reviews. In addition to observing the reasons shown below, we encourage you to visit the Reseller Ratings site to see the actual comments left by Ruby Lane buyers.

1. No or Slow Communication

* No contact for payment - When a shop indicates they accept credit card payments, it means the shop will need to collect the credit card payment details from a buyer. Often, this is accomplished with a telephone call, or an emailed invoice which should take place the same day. Equally important is the need to update the Order History with the details of any payments received.
* No update of shipment status
* No reply to questions asked after purchase

2. Item(s) Not Available

While it is possible that an item could be misplaced or damaged after it has been listed in your shop, it should be a very rare event. If you should find yourself in this unfortunate situation, the sooner your buyer is notified of the inability to fulfill their order, the better. Effective inventory management is required if you sell the same items with other online venues, or in a brick & mortar shop. Unavailable merchandise listed in your shop is not an acceptable practice - it turns buyers away from all shops on Ruby Lane.

3. Inadequate Packaging

Proper packing is essential for any online seller. Buyers expect that their items will be properly protected for the journey to their door. When in doubt, consider consulting a professional packing service.

4. Slow Shipping

* When customers purchase an item, and pay promptly, it is reasonable to expect prompt shipment of their items.
* If a customer pays for an expedited shipping service, such as USPS Priority Mail or UPS Next Business Day, a slower shipping method should not be used. Using a comparable shipping method from another carrier may be acceptable.

Reseller Ratings provides shoppers with invaluable feedback on the average site experience, and it is the responsibility of all shop owners to help ensure each and every interaction is a positive one. It's important that buyers feel the confidence to return and shop with us, and spread the word to friends and family about their amazing shopping experience.

Note: Buyers are able to mention shops or shop owners by name, so unsatisfactory reviews could directly influence shop sales.

Working together towards this common goal greatly benefits all shops and helps improve, and maintain, our excellent rating.

Thanks to all of you for being a valuable partner in the Ruby Lane community - we wish everyone a prosperous holiday season.

Your Ruby Lane Team