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Ruby Lane Roving Mentoring Program

If you're not already aware, last year Ruby Lane began a new Roving Mentoring Program. The goal of this new program is to help improve the quality of item listings throughout the site, which will in turn help more Ruby Lane shops achieve sales success.

Through this free, opt-in program an experienced Ruby Lane staff member with extensive shop owner experience visits Ruby Lane shops throughout the site, and offers optional feedback and guidance to shops whom it appears may benefit from assistance. The Roving Mentor will then contact the shop via email and let them know that optional feedback is available if they choose. Examples of what the Ruby Lane Roving Mentor looks at when visiting shops includes but is not limited to:

Number of items in a shop
Number of items added recently
Quality of listings including item titles, descriptions and photos
Are they utilizing the About Us section?
Shops who haven't logged into their shop in a long period of time

This program is designed to be purely constructive. Guidance and suggestions will be given as a one time communication with follow-up or clarification if needed. If the Roving Mentor stops by your shop and you do not wish to receive feedback you can simply let them know.

Increased Sales and Shop Ratings
Roving Mentors have reported that many shops have increased their sales as well as their shop rating after implementing recommendations through this program. If you would like the Roving Mentor to stop by and review your shop, please contact us at Please put "Request for Roving Mentoring" in the subject line of your email.

Here are a few testimonials from shops who have participated in the Roving Mentoring Program:

"Thanks so much for this detailed and important information on how to increase traffic for our shop on Ruby Lane. Your reaching out to us is very timely, as we have recently made our own list on changes that we are planning to make over the next couple of months in anticipation of the fall market. We will study your suggestions more closely, and perhaps, contact you again for additional guidance. Thanks again for taking the time review our shop presentation and assemble this thoughtful list of tips!"

"I want to thank you so much for your helpful criticism. You can believe that I will be trying out your suggestions soon. This is a wonderful service that Ruby Lane provides and I am so thankful for it and for you and your words of wisdom. Here is to more success for us. Thank you again."

"Thank you so much for your shop advice. I did not think of my titles as a tool for search engines. Thanks for idea. I sold over $16,000 last year through Ruby Lane, so with your advice I hope to do even better. Thanks so very much for your help. I really appreciate your critique & shall work hard to improve. Also, I get lots of "looks" on Ruby Lane. as my "click" rate is nearly always double of that of Ruby Lane's over-all. Customers write me also to give "compliments". I intend to put lots on sale before "Mothers Day". You have INSPIRED me!!"

"Thank you very much for taking the time to give us all these tips and advice. We will definitely take a look at the items you have mentioned and try out some of your suggestions. We appreciate your thoughtfulness in giving us some areas to improve. We enjoy having our shop on Ruby Lane."
Ruby L