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Summary of Shop Reports

Ruby Lane provides shops with a variety of easy-to-read reports that will help you gauge traffic, see which items have been viewed, manage and evaluate your inventory, and more. You can find the link to 'Reports' on the left, under My Shop when signed in to your shop.

Shop Visitors Report

This report provides details on the number of actual pageviews (not "hits") received for various pages in your Shop. For example, if someone looks at one of your items, that is one pageview, but for Ruby Lane to display the page, it can take more than 20 "hits" to our computers to display it. Please note the difference when comparing these numbers to other sites.

Pageview counts for Buy and Make Offer do not mean that the user actually initiated a purchase. In some cases it only means they clicked the Buy or Make Offer button to view those pages, without following through, and this report is our only indication that they did so.

Search engines often "crawl" Ruby Lane pages to include items in their search index, and we cannot distinguish these page views from real users. Because of this, your counts may be unusually high on some days.

Summary of Shop Visitors Legend:
  • Home: Total number of times your homepage was viewed. Note that for comparison with other sites, the "hits" to your homepage is much higher since it includes graphic images.
  • Item: Total number of times an item page was viewed. Clicking on the number gives you a detailed list of items.
  • Buy: Total number of times the Purchase Now was clicked for an item. This does not mean that the user actually initiated a purchase. Clicking on the number gives you a detailed list of items.
  • Offer: Total number of times Make an Offer was clicked for an item. This does not mean that the user actually initiated an offer. Clicking on the number gives you a detailed list of items. This is valid for dates after September 10th, 2000.
  • Search: Total number of searches made within your shop. Clicking on the number gives you a detailed list of searches performed.
  • Catalogs: Total number of Catalogs browsed within your shop. Clicking on the number gives you a detailed list of the Catalogs.
  • Links: Total number of times your Favorite Sites page was viewed, not counting your own views. This is valid for dates after April 5th, 2003.
  • Tell: Total number of times "Tell a Friend" was used from your shop. This is valid for dates after April 5th, 2003.
  • Totals: Total number of pageviews to your shop. When statistics for a day are displayed, this number is clickable (after April 21st, 2003) and will show detailed visitor statistics: total visitors, return visitors, first-time visitors, and registered visitors, and the number of page views for each type of visitor.
Item Counts Report:

This report lists every item in your shop along with its item ID, the price, the number of days listed, and the number of page views for the month. This section is great for monitoring how items compare as far as visitor activity. It can also help you evaluate when it may be time to remove an item that hasn't yet sold.

At the end, you may have a section of item titles called Unknown item ID. Unknown item ID means that a shopper or search engine tried to access an item that is not in your shop. This occurs because public search engines keep links to items in your shop even after the item has been sold or removed, a shopper may have bookmarked your item and tried to view it after the item was removed or sold, a search engine may have incorrectly indexed your page, or a shopper may have entered an incorrect web address by hand for your item. Ruby Lane cannot prevent these situations from happening, and they are normal. If you see this often for items you have removed, you may be removing items from your shop prematurely and not giving them time to sell.

Click Report:

This report shows traffic details on the number of clicks sent to your shop from Ruby Lane search pages during the requested time period, and can be used to help you determine how effective your Ruby Lane click advertising program is for bringing visitors to your shop. Please note:

Clicks that occur from searches inside your own shop, and traffic received from public search engines like Google or Yahoo are not counted here. This report does not show number of pageviews to your Shop! Use the Shop Visitor Report for that information.

Lines displayed in red will indicate that your monthly budget limit was exceeded, so your Price Per Click was automatically changed to zero for some days during the time period shown.

For summary reports by week or month, Click Rate, Free Click Credit, Price Per Click, Click %, and Budget are averages. Displays, Clicks, and Cost are totals.

Summary of Search Clicks Legend:
  • Displays: The number of times your items were displayed in a Site or Lane search result on Ruby Lane. Item displays inside your shop and on syndicated sites are not included in this number.
  • Clicks: When someone does a site or lane search on Ruby Lane or a syndicated site, sees your item, and clicks the link to view your detailed item page, we refer to it as a "click". In our reports, Clicks is the number of clicks into your shop item pages from Ruby Lane's search pages or syndicated sites, not including clicks that occur from your own shop search page. Clicks within your shop are not counted here.
  • Click %: This percentage is how often visitors clicked through to view your detailed item page after seeing your items displayed in our site and lane searches, or on syndicated sites. Clickthrough percentages on the Internet are typically low, for example, a clickthrough percentage of 0.85% means that out of 1000 times your item was shown, 8 or 9 people clicked on the link to view more details. This is sometimes called CTR or Click Through Ratio. If your shop's Click % is below the average across all Ruby Lane shops, there could be several reasons:

    -You may have keywords in your listings that are causing them to be shown by mistake to visitors who are not looking for these types of items. For example, you may have mistakenly put baseball cards in the category Football Cards. People searching for football cards will see your baseball card listings, but will not click on them because that's not what they were looking for.

    -Your prices may not be realistic. Visitors with market price knowledge will not click as often on items that they know to be overpriced.

    -Your pictures may need improvement. Visitors find items based on the text of the listing, but if the pictures are not excellent, especially your main picture, visitors may not click through to see your item details.

    -Your titles or categories may need checking or improvement. If a listing says an item is one thing, but visitors know it is actually something else, based on the picture they see, they probably will not click through.

  • Price Per Click: The price you have selected and agreed to pay Ruby Lane each time a click occurs to your shop from a Ruby Lane search page or syndicated site, not including your own shop search page. Ruby Lane syndicates your item listings through our online advertising partners when your Price Per Click is 10 cents or higher. If your Monthly Budget is exceeded, your Price Per Click is changed to zero the following day. Clicks within your shop are not counted here.
  • Free Click Credits: All shops on Ruby Lane are eligible to receive Free Click Credits. You do not pay for these amounts and they do not result in any charges to your account. We give higher Free Click Credits to shops who frequently add new merchandise and to shops listing exclusively on Ruby Lane. Your Free Click Credit changes nightly based on the number of items you and other shops are adding on Ruby Lane. Because of this interdependence, the Free Click Credit your shop may receive tomorrow cannot be exactly predicted today. Free Click Credits are a token of our appreciation for adding new items by giving them additional visibility in our search engine.
  • Click Rate: The Click Rate is the combined value (sum) of Price Per Click and Free Click Crredits, and is used to help determine item display positions for search results.
  • Cost: The amount in US dollars you have agreed to pay Ruby Lane in exchange for receiving traffic from Ruby Lane's search pages and syndicated sites, not including your own shop search page. Charter Shop discounts are not shown, but will appear on your account statement. Clicks within your shop are not counted here.
  • MTD Click Charges: Your current month-to-date click charges.Monthly Budget Shops may set a Monthly Budget for paid clicks. This budget can be changed on a daily basis, and takes effect the next day at midnight Pacific time. All shops paying for clicks must set a Monthly Budget. The daily Click Report displays the Monthly Budget that was in effect for each day listed.

Ruby Lane software checks your month-to-date click cost against your budget every night at midnight. If your Monthly Budget is exceeded, we will send you an email notification and reset your Price Per Click to zero automatically. This displays as a strike-out Price Per Click, for example: $0.40. If you do not increase your Monthly Budget, your Price Per Click will remain at zero for the rest of the month, and then will revert back to your selected Price Per Click on the 1st of the next month.

If you exceed your budget, you may increase it at any time, however, this change will not go into effect until the next day, so you will have at least 1 day of zero Price Per Click. Ruby Lane only checks your Monthly Budget at midnight, so it is possible to exceed your budget for 1 day.

Shop Inventory Report:

This report is a complete list of every item currently in your shop, including those that are Sale Pending, and in your Backroom. It includes the date the item was added, the price, and includes the total retail price of your inventory combined. You can customize this list to suit your needs by choosing whether to show pictures, sold items, categories, and those featured. Items in your Backroom are bolded in the report allowing you to quickly move them in and out.

Featured Items Report:

This report also displays a complete, customizable, list of every item currently in your shop. You can quickly check and uncheck featured items using this report. To be featured items must be displayed as for sale in your shop with at least 1 picture.

Featured Shops Report:

This list gives an overview of which shops are currently featured on the Ruby Lane Home Page on a rotating basis. The featured Shop Program works as follows:

  • The list of Featured Shops is created each night between midnight and 6AM Pacific time.
  • Featured shops are displayed in a uniform rotation (not random) on Ruby Lane's Home Page, each Lane's Home page Shops page, and the Gift Ideas page.
  • Shops may choose to subscribe to guarantee featured placement (paid featuring) in a Lane, the Home Page, and other featuring pages.
  • Exclusive shops adding at least 7 items to a Lane in the past 7 days earn free featuring for the day in that Lane, the Home Page, and on other featuring pages. Items added exactly 7 days ago may or may not be counted toward free featuring because of timezone differences between your computer and our servers and the varying time of day that we compute the featured shop list. Items moved from your backroom do not count toward free featuring if they were added to your shop more than 7 days ago. Only items currently for sale in your shop count toward free featuring, for example, auction, sold and sale pending listings, backroom items, and items without pictures do not count toward featuring.
  • We use two-thirds of our featured ad space for paid featuring and one-third for free featuring. Also, the number of shops paying for featuring is usually different than the number of shops earning free featuring. For these reasons, it is not possible to easily make conclusions about one type of featuring (paid or free) based on an experience with the other type.
  • Shops must have 10 or more items in a Lane to be considered for featuring, and must also have selected at least 1 item in that Lane for featuring.
  • Shops may earn free featuring in more than one Lane. A shop earning free featuring in a Lane and also paying for featuring in that Lane receives double featuring in that Lane.
  • A shop may be featured more than once on the same page. When this happens, we always feature different items.
  • A shop may appear to be featured more than other shops. This is because they have earned featuring in more than one section and/or have paid for featuring, perhaps in more than one section.
  • When a shop is featured, we select 5 items to feature for the day from all of the shop's featured items, with preference given to items that were added in the last 7 days. When it is your shop's turn to be featured, the item that we display is chosen at random from this small group of featured items. For a fee, you can subscribe to receive guaranteed placement in one or more Lanes as long as you have at least 10 qualifying items in that Lane. If you subscribe for any Lane placement, you will also get guaranteed Ruby Lane Home page featuring.
Yearly Summary Report:

This report provides details on your sales activity as reported by you for the year indicated. It shows a list of all fees paid by you to Ruby Lane for listing, maintenance and advertising, and the date the fee was paid. It shows the number of items added by month, and the items sold, the date they sold, and the price. It includes the total cost of your shop compared to sales, as a percentage. Note: These figures are based on the actual transactions that occurred. The data on this report cannot be changed.

Google Analytics
Ruby Lane recommends all shops sign up for Google Analytics for a more detailed analysis of your shop sales and referrals. You may do so by going to Shop Owner Home > Reports > Google Analytics