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The Importance of Professional Communication in Cyberspace

The following notice was written for a small percentage of Ruby Lane shops. Of course the vast majority of Ruby Lane shops conduct business and communicate using the highest possible standards of professionalism. However, for the few shops who do not always do so, we feel we must respectfully communicate the following reminder:

We occasionally receive emails from shop owners who communicate the fact that they are screaming at us by typing all or part of their message to us in all caps, or by using multiple exclamation points at the end of sentences. The use of foul language whether actual, or implied, has also occurred. Ruby Lane is not willing to host any shop or to assist any shop owner who finds it appropriate to communicate in this manner, regardless of the situation, period. We certainly hope you would never communicate in this way with one of your customers, and you would understandably be shocked if Ruby Lane communicated in such a manner. If someone walked into a retail establishment screaming and cursing, obviously they would promptly be escorted out.

Cyberspace makes is easier to communicate in a discourteous manner because one does not have to look someone in the eye while saying it. If you, as a shop owner have a question or issue and need assistance from Ruby Lane, we are always here to help. However, communication with Ruby Lane - or with your customers - in an aggressive, discourteous or unprofessional manner is grounds for immediate and permanent closure.

We appreciate your consideration of this reminder.

Ruby Lane