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The Importance of Writing An Artist's Statement

Artists often neglect one of the most important aspects of online selling: the written artist statement. No doubt about it, good web-site content attracts visitors to your website and including a good, well-written artist statement will do just that. So how do you do it? By answering personal questions about yourself and your work, and then taking those answers and crafting sentences that convey to your readers who you are, your artistic approach or philosophy, how you do what you do, and the materials you use.

Not all artists are writers and some find this task daunting, but it shouldn't be. The easiest thing to do is to create a list of questions and then answer them in your own words. Take your time; don't expect to complete your artist statement in one sitting. Brainstorming with a friend or colleague can be helpful. Keep the session simple and free flowing, jotting down ideas as they come, without censorship. The time spent creating your statement is invaluable, you will not only define your art but the process will provide you with insights into your personal growth as an artist as well.

An artist statement should be brief, relevant and compelling. It should answer basic questions in a factual manner and in a language that is easily understood by the majority of readers. Remember that your customers want to know more about you but do not want to be overwhelmed by a bunch of art jargon or spiritual realizations. Tell them why you create your art - what it means to you. Describe the processes and techniques you use. Provide an explanation of your favorite subjects or themes. Try to avoid categorizing your work or comparing your art to others. Only you can do the work that you do! And remember, your artist statement is not a job resume - you can include your art training but be brief and to the point.

A well-written artist statement will create an important bridge between you and your customers. It will appeal to their senses and offer them more ways to connect with you. And most important, it will provide a better understanding of your work and give your readers more reasons to want what it is you are selling.