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The Quality of Your Shop Presentation

Are you putting forward the best image possible to current and potential customers? Here are a few key areas to examine in order to determine whether you're looking your best:

  • Photographs: Are they clear and attractive? Are the colors bright and enticing (and accurate)? Can you see the fine details? Would you want to buy that item? Good photography takes practice - and can make your items look outstanding.

  • Logo: Does your shop have a professional looking logo? This can really elevate your image. Even if you're not a designer, ask a friend to help. Work on it until you feel it's really the right look - even if it takes a little time. And use it on your shop home page, on your business cards, invoices, and any other printed materials.

  • Descriptions: Are your item descriptions professional? Are they free of typos? If you're not sure how to make your descriptions sound professional, look at others selling online who you admire. Or look at high quality catalogs to get the feeling they're projecting. Like photography, good copywriting takes practice, but can make all the difference. For tips on writing good item descriptions, view the article titled "Writing Descriptions That Sell" under Setting Your Shop Up For Success.

  • Policies: Can your customers shop with confidence that they are buying from an honest business owner? Be sure your return and shipping policies are clear, professional and well thought out.

  • Content: Have you added interesting news to your shop home page that customers will enjoy reading? Taking the time to include information about you, your history, your knowledge and how you started in the business can let your customers know that they are dealing with a true professional. Think through to carefully compose a shop tagline, your about us section, and an artist statement (if applicable) to greatly increase the quality of your presentation. Read more in the articles titled "Making The Most Of Your Shop's 'About Us' Section" and "The Importance Of Writing An Artist's Statement".