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Tips for Designing Your Shop Logo

One of the most important decisions one will make as a business owner is the design of the shop logo. It communicates the focus of your business and products offered for sale in a visual format. It is the first impression visitors receive when entering your shop for the first time and will often determine if they will stay or leave. Your shop logo is a key marketing tool and is essential to branding your business. It appears in your online shop and on most printed materials such as business cards, invoices and shipping materials.

Image is everything. Often new shop owners in a rush to open their business fail to take the time to create a relevant and memorable logo for their business. They will opt instead to use a photo of a favorite pet, a family photo, or an unrelated graphic because it is cute or has personal meaning. We request they not be used. Images that do not relate to your business do not inform the shop visitor of the nature of your business. Your logo indicates how serious you are about your business. It lends credibility.

Simple is good. A logo does not need to be visually complicated. Overly elaborate logos seldom translate well to a thumbnail size format required for social sites. Complex logos increase the cost of printed materials for your business, an unnecessary expense. Two to three elements are sufficient to create a visually pleasing logo. Using multiple style fonts and a rainbow of colors can ruin a great design. It can be as simple as your name or your shop name on a white or colored background, in an interesting font.

A photo or graphic? Although the right photo can convey to the shopper what your business is about, it often does not translate well to printed materials, such as a business card. Some business materials require a smaller version of your logo and photos when resized to fit a business card, for example, become indecipherable and do little to promote your business.

Copyright.Remember that most images on the web are copyright protected. It is illegal to use a copyrighted image without the express permission of the owner or proper licensing. Finding an image and adding a few tweaks is not an acceptable practice and will not protect one from copyright infringement.

A great shop logo is essential to your business. Take the time to create a professional logo that conveys to a visitor the nature of your business and instills in them the confidence needed to make a purchase.

There are websites with free services, such as the tools required to create a logo. Some offer reasonably priced photos or graphics to incorporate into your logo. One can also purchase a pre-made logo, some as inexpensive as $10. Some websites specialize in logo design and provide personalized assistance.

On Logo Search visitors can purchase a single logo or they can purchase a subscription allowing them to download an unlimited number of logos for a specified length of time.

Logo Stick is a web based tool that allows users to access logo templates and design software, to create custom individualized logos.

Logo Maid contains a large selection of unique and non-unique logos. Logos are sold individually and vary in price.

GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed program for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.

Get Paint.NET is a free image and photo editing software with a variety useful and powerful tools for creating graphics and logo designs.

iStockphoto - A web source for royalty-free stock images, media and design elements.

Shutterstock - Also a royalty-free stock image site.