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Use of Promotional Text Within Your Shop

We recommend shops use restraint when listing information about a promotion or other event within your shop. In today's world of over-the-top hype, it's not necessarily true that "if some is good, a lot is better." Filling your shop's informational fields with sale information, all caps, exclamation points, etc., may actually be a turn-off to buyers who are on the site with the expectation of a high end, quality experience.

In addition, Ruby Lane uses fields designed for the shop owner name and contact information to generate on-line content within a shop, and also, for email correspondence and purchase order invoices. Inserting unrelated promotional text in these fields instead of contact information cause inconsistencies and incomplete shop information on buyer purchase orders, which can confuse Ruby Lane shoppers.

Shops who choose to include promotional text are required to place it in the brightly-colored Shop Introduction/Promotional Event field which is provided specifically for this purpose.