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Using the Share Buttons on Ruby Lane

On every item page on Ruby Lane you will find a box to the right of the item description, titled, "Share". The box includes 'share' buttons to major social networking sites, including Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook. In addition there is an Email button, a Bookmark button, and an Add This Bookmark & Share button.

The 'share' buttons allow you to promote your items or items you find on Ruby Lane that you like or believe your friends and followers will like. Using the 'share' buttons is an easy way to market your shop and the items in your shop and on the Ruby Lane site. And at no cost to you! Nothing beats free advertising. In order to use the buttons you must be signed into the Social Media site to which you wish to 'share'. For example, if you want to share an item to your Facebook Timeline, sign into your Facebook account via Facebook or through the Ruby Lane sign-in. Once you are signed into Facebook you can share any item on Ruby Lane to Facebook. The same is true for Pinterest, Twitter and Google+.

The Facebook Send button allows you to send an email to a Facebook friend with a link to the item listing. You can also add comments to the email.

The Facebook 'Like' button allows you to 'like' an item on Ruby Lane and post it to your Facebook Timeline. Keep in mind that you want to limit the number of items you share to Facebook and other social networking sites to a maximum of 3 or 4 items per day. Otherwise you will overwhelm your friends and followers with item listings and they may chose to 'unlike' you as a result.

The Twitter 'share' button allows you to Tweet items to your Twitter page. Tweets may then be re-tweeted by your followers and the result is greater exposure for your shop and shop items, which will result in more visitors - potential buyers - to your shop.

Pinterest is a cool bookmarking site for photos of your items. Use the Pin It button to Pin an item to a Pinterest board previously set up by you. The Pin It button automatically includes the item title along with a link to the item. You also have the option to add additional text to the item description (the more appropriate keywords, the better) and to Tweet or Facebook the Pin. Once you have pinned the item to one of your boards, your Pinterest Friends may choose to 'like' the item or 'repin' it to one of their Pinterest boards for others to see and Repin. The more the merrier.

Google+ requires you to have a Google Account. You do not have to sign up for a Google+ page but we strongly recommended that you do. Google+ is similar to Facebook but has a few more tools for social networking than Facebook and it is gaining in popularity. If you have a Gmail account or are registered for Google Analytics - the Google reporting feature - then you already have a Google Account.

Using the Google+ share button not only posts your items to your Google+ page, but it also pushes the item out to a Google+ search AND to an organic Google search. This is a terrific way to get your items listed quickly in a Google search. We strongly recommend to our shop owners to Google+ every item in your shop and those items you like on the Ruby Lane site. Remember to include appropriate, descriptive keyword text in the comment section when you share the item.

The Email button allows you to email a link to an item to a friend or other on your mailing list. The Bookmark button adds the item link to your Bookmarks. And the Add This Bookmark & Share button allows you to submit the item to any one of a number of Social Media sites that you belong to, including your blogs.

If you do not currently participate in Social Networking and are not registered at one of the sites mentioned above then it's time to put this on your Shop Marketing To Do List. Social networking is an easy and free way to promote your shop and market your items. The goal is to "get the word out there" and spread your items all over the Internet for users of Google, Google+ and Social Sites to find. The result will be more visitors to your shop, and an increase in sales.