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What Is Keyword Spamming and Why Is It Prohibited On Ruby Lane

Keyword spamming is the practice of intentionally using the same keyword multiple times in a listing, or placing keywords that are unrelated to your item in its title or catalog categories in an effort to gain higher search engine ranking. Keyword spamming is strictly prohibited on Ruby Lane as well as many other sites. Keyword spam does not lead to increased exposure and sales - instead it leads to less relevant search results for customers and a decreased user experience. And, most search engines have the ability to identify many forms of keyword spamming, which could instead lead to a decreased ranking, and even the removal of your shop from their indexes altogether.

Spamming Without Knowing It
Some shop owners who aren't sure of the exact identity of an item will often guess and offer a possible identification in the item title. Random, 'multiple choice' suggestions inserted into a listing are also keyword spam. Some shop owners will use multiple keywords on the presumption that if a customer is interested in one or more of the items they have so named, that customer might also be interested in their item because it is "reminiscent" of them. These practices lead to less relevant search results for the user and are also keyword spamming, even if diverting search engines was honestly not your intent.

The general rule is to write your titles and descriptions naturally without counting the various words. Use relevant keywords as close to the beginning of your titles and descriptions as possible. Knowing exactly what an item is and describing it in a manner that will attract only those searching for that specific item, is what leads to increased business.