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Why Does Ruby Lane Recommend Putting Your Contact Information On Your Shop Home Page

While privacy is understandable, not listing enough contact information can cause potential buyers to shy away from purchasing from you. It's the World Wide Web, and buyers don't always know the person they're buying from. Buyers want to know that you are a legitimate, professional online seller. We highly recommend listing at least your phone number or your address, if not both. A P.O. box is perfectly acceptable as well. Other alternatives include listing your cell phone number, or obtaining a second phone number for less than $10 a month that is unpublished or unlisted, so your home address will not be available. We also remind shops who don't list an address to disclose what time zone or part of the world they are in and perhaps specific times you are available for calls.

If you are a shop owner who is concerned about the safety and security of your inventory, may we also suggest that you consider installing an alarm system, and obtaining adequate insurance coverage.