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Yes You Can - And Should - Have A Robust About Us Section

The About Us section of a Ruby Lane shop is one of the most important pages in your shop. The content of the About Us section has the power to 'sell' you as a shop owner and give a potential buyer the confidence to make a purchase from your shop. It also has the ability to influence whether or not your shop is indexed by Google, a necessary step to ensure your items are included in a Google Search.

Below is a list of information and features you will want to consider including in your shop's About Us section on your home page:

Opening Statement - the first sentence in your About Us section should be a brief statement of at least 200 characters that describes the type of items you sell in your shop. Use appropriate and factual keywords. It is the use of keywords that a Google bot looks at to determine if your shop warrants inclusion in a Google search result.

An example of a good opening paragraph: Offering vintage kitchen collectibles, canisters, salt & pepper shakers, utensils, Staffordshire china, print table cloths and antique linens.

An example of what not to do: Jane Doe has been selling antiques online since 1989. She also sells at various shows through out the Eastern United States. Note this sentence only includes one fairly good keyword for getting this shops items listed in a search for antique items. Because the term antique is used to describe many types of items, information sites, etc. your shop will become lost in a search.

Business Information about you and your shop. Include business information related to you and your shop - what business organizations you belong to, how long you have been selling, if you own a brick and mortar shop, list the shows you attend as a vendor, and other related information. If you are an expert on a specific type of collectible or antique give information that reflects this.

Photos and Graphics - You can also include business related photos and graphics on your About Us page. To insert a photo or graphic on your page you must upload the photo using the FTP tool in your shop. For more information and instructions for the using FTP refer to the FAQ Knowledge Base article: Shop Owners » Item & Logo Images » What is FTP and how can I use it to add images to my items?

Testimonials - List positive feed back you receive from buyers. It is not necessary to list every positive comment you receive - 5 or 6 is sufficient to indicate to a shopper that you have received satisfactory ratings from your buyers.

Sales and Specials - Promote sales and special shipping discounts, such as a shop anniversary or Free Shipping. Be sure to keep the information current.

Change with the Seasons - make it a point to include holiday greetings and seasonal notes and/or photos to make your page warm and inviting.

Jewelry Artisans - Artisans should include an artist statement or something similar. Tell about yourself as an artist, how you got started, describe how you make your jewelry or what themes you like the most and/or what influences your work. Adding a photo of you working at your bench will communicate clearly that you are a serious artisan.

Providing a potential buyer with information about yourself, your experiences and the type of items you sell gives you creditability as a shop owner, and sends the message that you are ready and able to deliver an excellent shopping experience.

For a detailed discussion of the About Us section please refer to the Article in Selling Successfully: Making the most of your Shop's About Us section under Setting Up Your Shop for Success.

Examples of Shops who make good use of their Shop Home Page:

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