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Yes - it is time to Google Plus

Google+ is a social networking site similar to Facebook but with distinct advantages over Facebook because of its association with Google. The addition of Google+ to the mix gives individuals and businesses a means to submit their posts and item listings to not only a Google+ search but also to a standard organic Google search giving shop owners more exposure - and at no cost to them except their time. "Not another social site!" you may say. Read on for some simple ways to set yourself up and engage on Google+ with minimal time and effort.

Google+ uses keywords (tags) to determine if a particular G+ post falls into a category that is good for public consumption, for example links to items in a Ruby Lane shop. Because it is keyword driven it is important for individuals to use appropriate keywords in the comment section. By "appropriate" we mean those words or phrases that relate to the specific item featured.

When an individual 'share's' a post (publishes the post to their G+ page) they are given the option to share with the public - a Google+ search, and to their circle. Circles are generally used to sort the G+ users who follow you and the G+ users you follow into categories; such as customers, family, Ruby Lane shop owners or any one of a number of categories a G+ user creates for a specific purpose. We encourage all shop owners to 'share' their G+ posts related to their business or items with the public.

Also, once a comment is published you will note a G+1 button to the bottom left of the post. When you select this button it sends the information out to a standard organic Google search. It is to your benefit to G+1 all of your business-related posts and drive them out to a Google search.

Ruby Lane also provides a G+1 button located in the Share box of an item page. In order to use the button you must be signed into your G+ account. When you select the button it will ask you if you want to share to the Public and which of your circles you would like to share the page. If you already have your main settings for your G+ page set to allow the 'public' to view and accept G+ submissions, it will only ask you to which Circles you would like to share. It is also not necessary to maintain your G+ page on a daily basis if all you want to do is share items from your shop or from other shops on the site. All that matters is that you have a Google account and G+ Personal page.

Once you create a Google+ page then take the time to go through your shop and using the G+1 button submit your items to your G+ page, a Google+ search and Google search. Also share item pages from other shops that you like or feel your Circles might be interested in. The more G+1 shares you have in your shop, the higher the rank of your shop in a Google or Google+ search. The more Google+1 shares from shops on the site the higher the rank for Ruby Lane. This is great for everyone. It creates buzz and drives traffic to the site. Creating and using a Google+ page will allow you to actively promote your shop and your items. It is worth the minimal time investment, because it means getting your items out in front of potential shoppers and buyers. This we consider a 'must do' when it comes to socially marketing your shop.

Article Last Update: September 29, 2013