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Your First Sale:A Step-by-Step Guide

Your First Sale: A Step-by-Step Guide

Receiving a Purchase Order:

Your sale may come in one of several forms. It may be via a Purchase Order for the full price of the item placed through your shop. Or, if your shop invites buyers to use the Make An Offer feature, it may come to you in the form of an offer for a portion of the asking price. Though not frequent, if you list your phone number in your shop, you may receive an order via phone.

When a Purchase Order arrives:

Your first step is to send the buyer a message confirming receipt of their order, but before you, you will want to check their chosen method of payment and, if you charge shipping, determine the shipping charges, if they are not pre-entered.

Choosing a Shipping Method:

Common shipping carriers are USPS for smaller items, and UPS and Federal Express for larger items. Some shops let buyers choose their desired shipping method. To choose a shipping service and estimate shipping costs, visit:

Sale Pending:

If the buyer submits a Purchase Order for an item in your shop, the item is automatically marked Sale Pending. However, if the buyer did not submit a Purchase Order, you will need to go to the Manage Items page, select the item's ID number from the drop down list at the top of the page, and choose Modify item. Then under Show Price As, you will select Sale Pending. This will alert other buyers that this item is not currently available, due to the impending sale.

If the buyer has placed a Purchase Order to buy only one of a number of items from a listing of multiple examples of the same type of item, the item will not show in your shop as Sale Pending or Sold because other examples in the listing are still available for purchase.

Accepting Payment:

PayPal - If the buyer chooses to pay using PayPal and uses the Pay Now button on the order, the system automatically records the payment in the History section at the top of the order. PayPal payments made outside the Ruby Lane system are not recorded in the History section. You need to wait until PayPal confirms receipt of payment. PayPal will alert you via email when payment is made.

Check or Money Order: We strongly recommend that shops wait until they have received payment in the mail before shipping any item. Many shops also wait up to 7 business days until a check clears before shipping. You may wish to check your bank's individual clearance policy to be sure you are allowing sufficient time for funds to clear.

Contact the Buyer:

Once you have determined the buyer's payment method and the cost of shipping the item, click on Respond to Buyer to send them an email about their purchase. In the email, you will acknowledge receipt of the order, and let the buyer know that they must make their payment, if they have not already done so, and what the exact total is including shipping. If the buyer is paying by check and you plan to wait until the check is received and has cleared your bank before shipping, you will want to advise them of this unless you already state this on your home page. Be sure to thank them for their order!

Make An Offer:

If the buyer has made an offer for the item outside your pre-set percentage range for automatic acceptance, on the Manage Transactions page in the Pending Actions section you will want to select Manage next to Make an Offer and scroll down to the item. Choose Accept Offer, Reject Offer, or you may choose to send the buyer a Counter Offer. If the shopper accepts the counter offer, select Accept or Mark Accepted and the Offer will convert to a Purchase Order. You can then adjust the price, if necessary, and total the invoice.

Mark Your Item Sold:

Once you have received and processed payment, shipped the item, and you know the customer is satisfied and will not be requesting a return, you can Finalize the order. It is a good idea to wait until you are sure the transaction is complete, since the reported sale is entered in your shop's Yearly Summary accounting section and cannot be removed.

To clear a purchase order and have the item marked as Sold, go to the Shop Owners Home page from the Sell navigation bar, and then click on Manage Transactions. Select Manage next to Purchase Orders, and scroll down to the item. Next, click on Finalize Order.

If there is no Purchase Order, go to Modify Item and select the item ID number. Then click on Report Sale. In either case, you will then choose whether you sold the item via Ruby Lane, on not via Ruby Lane. You will then select whether you would like the item Removed, 'Mark Sold, then Remove after' (select a period of time from the list of options), or Relist. Make a choice, and click on Report It.