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This is a very sweet and charming late Georgian piece of silkwork in a traditional style. Our maiden is standing by the water with fishing pole in hand and carrying a basket on one arm. She has just caught a fish that is embroidered in satin stitch with an overlay of a contrasting color of silk floss in exceptionally small stitches.

She is wearing a wide-brimmed hat with ribbons in a soft pale blue silk thread. Over her dress is an apron. The skirt of her dress and the apron are stitched in satin stitch and long and short stitches. Her black shoes have large buckles, as was the fashion of the day. Her fishing pole is also stitched, as is the fishing line that she is holding.

The girl’s face and hands are painted in watercolor, as was the style for this type of work. Her long curly locks of hair cascading around her hat were also painted.

The girl is in front of a large tree that has beautifully stitched leaves in overstitch. The shrubbery and the tree leaves characterize this piece as an early piece of needlework by their complicated and third-dimensional nature. A fence nearby was stitched in long and short stitch with a shaded effect. The ground was done in long and short stitches with flowers and grasses rising above it.

The color palette of this work was done in shades of teal blue, turquoise blue, golds, creams and ochres harmonize perfectly with one another.

The whole embroidery is housed in its original wood and gesso frame with its original hanging ring. It retains old hand-blown glass with bubbles.

The silkwork is in superb condition. There are no flaws to remark upon. The silk floss is still very luminous and the color retention is excellent, especially consider its age of some 200 years. The opening of the frame is a little larger than the needlework within it, thereby leaving an unembroidered space showing near the top of the silkwork. I have had the original frame professionally restored, so it is in excellent condition.

In essence, this is an exquisite piece of late 18th/early 19th century silkwork with an enchanting and romantic subject matter.

It measures about 10-1/2 inches wide by 12-1/4 inches high, including the frame.


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Late Georgian Silkwork of a Maiden Fishing, Circa 1800

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