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This is an exquisite piece of antique pettipoint. It patterned in the trump d’oeil fashion as we are looking through a window-like opening onto the scene on the balcony. The young lady is leaning against a railing as she ponders the horizon.

She is dressed in a typical Victorian costume consisting of a blue gathered skirt with a white apron that has a bodice with a long-sleeved gold blouse with the neckline made from a white overlaid scarf. She has a coquettish ribbon with a brooch on it on her neck, a fashion of the time. There is great detail on her costume because it was done in fine wool yarn on a linen ground worked totally in pettipoint. There is quite a lot of silk embellishment, which gives her outfit a softer appearance. Her hair was done in wool and silk floss to show off its style.

A church is seen in the mountainous background, surrounded by a lake. There is a pretty bunch of red flowers growing on balcony’s edge.

The colored wool yarns blend harmoniously with one another. Romantic, pretty and charming, this work is a reflection of Victorian ideals and taste.

The piece is housed in its original Victorian frame with a gilded slip. The frame has an elaborate design that perfectly suits the needlework.

The needlework is in excellent condition. There is some degree of fading of the colors, but they are generally deep enough to enjoy. The silk floss has retained its luminosity and adds to the overall effect. The frame is also in excellent condition, with only minor dings and losses of color.

It measures 22 inches wide and 24-½ inches high.


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19th Century Victorian Pettipoint Tapestry of a Lady on a Balcony

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