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Japanese Vintage Kutani-yaki 九谷焼 Porcelain Okimono Statue of Fukurokuju God of Happiness. This is made by potter Asakura isokichi 朝倉. He is a very talented well-known potter in Japan working with Kutani wares, see more about him below. Of course, this okimono is all handmade, hand-formed, and hand-decorated. The colors are beautiful. He wears a gorgeous painted and glazed purple robe, with a bright yellow collar and blue scarf. His stark white hair looks wonderful on his lovely skin color chosen. He holds his staff and lucky gavel.

In excellent condition, no cracks or chips. He is hand signed on the bottom by the potter. Please see the pictures and ask any questions. We are non-house smokers and do not smoke around our wares and our very careful with them to have clean hands and in the packing. We have noticed smells from items received before, again please let us know if you have any questions. This one has no smells, and this is from a well- known and honest, quality antique dealer. He is a good size and heavy Jurojin:

Size: Height 7.02 inches or 18 cm, Width 4.87 inches or 12.5 cm, Depth 3.9 inches or 10 cm. Weight 725 grams about 1.5 lbs

Potter Asakura Isokichi 朝倉, 1913-1998 .

The 2nd generation of Isokichi Asakura was born in Terai, Ishikawa in 1913He learned the general ceramic techniques after graduation from primary school. In 1928 he studied under Tokuda Yasokichi 1st and Tojiro Kitade. In 1946, learned the Iroe technique from Kitade Tojiro. In the same year, he entered a water bowl at the first Nitten Exhibition and won a prize.

In 1996, He received the Order of Cultural Merit from the government. He was a member of the Japan Art Academy, Adviser of Nitten, and President of the Association of Ishikawa Prefectural Arts and Culture. In subsequent years Asakura received a host of major prizes and honors, including the Hokkoku Shimbun Cultural Award, in 1968; the Prime Minister's Prize at the Nitten Exhibition, in 1977; the Japan Arts Academy Prize, in 1981; the Fourth Order of Merit with the Grand Cordon of the Rising Sun and membership in the Japan Arts Academy (the first Ishikawa-born potter so honored), in 1984; honorary citizenship from the town of Terai, in 1986; designation as a Person of Cultural Merit (the first Kutani-yaki potter so honored), in 1992. That same year in 1992 he was also honored for his cultural merits by Kutani ceramics and in 1993 appointed as adviser for the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition Nitten Exhibition.

During his time, his style showed he paints freely in modern style not too far from Kutani original colors and like to give space to the motifs of his potteries. His ceramics have fantastic motifs such as yellow butterflies dancing on camellias. In the last part of his life, he had the tendency of not using at all any akae or red paint. He died in April 1998. He is succeeded by his son who took the master Potter name of Asakura Isokichi III in 1999. He was born in Komatsu city in 1941.

The above information was excerpted from two sites and where one can find more information Isokichi Asakura history and style of Kutani ware, including at the Nomi Kutani Ceramics Museum as excerpted along with his picture, and from the Kutani Ceramic Website, where Georges Bouvier tells us that a good example of modern Kutani style can be seen in Terai in the Asakura Isokichi museum where pottery of uncommon shape, size and colors can be found.

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Japanese Vintage Kutani-yaki 九谷焼 Porcelain Okimono Statue Fukurokuju God of Happiness by Potter Asakura isokichi II 朝倉

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