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Here we have a rare ancient Cizhou Ware Song to Yuan Dynasty brush washer decorated with paintings of fish and water lilies dating from the 12th to 14th Centuries.

The design graphic and eye catching in the borders atop the washer and intersperced decorations between the exquisite paintings of the fish to each side. The shape of the brush washer and proportions are lovely.

Here the tone of the glaze is cream in body tone the decoration painted in dark almost black slip with some variation in color from a blackish brown to a grayish brown a deliberate design detail.

It sits approximately 2 9/16" tall and measures approximately 7 1/16" wide at the base (65mm x 180mm).

Some surface alteration to the whole this ancient vessel is intact without repair displaying beautifully.

This is an exquisite and rare artifact.

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Unfortunately, many items represented as authentic Antiquities are not genuinely ancient objects at all. Instead they are later reproductions, mostly of very recent manufacture, though a few reproductions of ancient objects are much older. Regardless of age if a later reproduction is represented as genuinely ancient then it becomes a 'fake' antiquity.
Likewise, if a later reproduction is represented as genuinely antique then it becomes a 'fake' antique.

It is always wise to deal with experienced and knowledgeable dealers who are members of the governing international and national antique and art dealers associations. The membership process involves assessments of the dealer's reputation, industry experience, qualifications and knowledge. Only those meeting these standards are granted membership. Membership formally recognizes the dealer's expertise. Members comply with the associations' codes of practice and guidelines regarding authenticity and reproductions.

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12th C - 14th C Cizhou Brush Washer Fish Design Song Dynasty to Yuan Dynasty Antiquities Artifacts Black White Painted Ancient Ceramics Art


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