Walter Hunt (1861-1941), Feeding Time 1896 Old Master Oil Painting - image 1 of 16

A delightful scene of a small girl feeding her animals in a barnyard. The thatched roof of the barn has birds watching for any extra seeds dropped. A dog sits at the open door watching the daily activities while someone milks the cow. Ducks sit at the edge of a small pond drinking. Sheep are out back grazing in the field. The young woman is feeding the baby calves cabbage from her dress. This is an original 1896 oil painting on stretched canvas. The painting is in great condition with no water damage, holes or tears. Painting measures 12 inches tall and 16 inches wide. The original frame measures 17 1/2 inches tall and 21 1/2 inches wide. Frame was restored. I purchased this from an English Cottage in Kent, England where they were selling things to pay taxes. The owner did not want to sell his things but was being forced to pay for back taxes due. The verbal history was this is part of a 4 piece series painted by the artist. Each one a different season. Two were sold off after the war to raise monies to rebuild. This one was keep because it was damaged. (I do not know what happen to the last one.) During WWI the painting was damaged in a German bombing raid. The painting and frame were restored after the war. When I purchased this I had the frame sent out to be restored again to a period 'used looking' condition as it had lost 3 of its corners and some of its edging. The painting was kept like it was purchased. The old painting restoration is along the left edge of the painting tapers to about 1 inch wide and 7 inches long. I also see some light craquelure but it looks nice as it is. Painting is signed lower right, W Hunt 96. On the verso the title is painted on the back of the canvas, Feeding Time. If you need more pictures please ask and I will email them to you.

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Beige, Blue, Brown, Gold, Gray, Pink, Red, White
Early European Works of Art, Old Masters, Victorian, Pre-Raphaelite Art
Canvas, Oil Paint
Figurative, Figurative Art, Folk Art, Landscape, Old Masters, Realism
English Country, Glam Decor, Global, Historical, Rustic Chic, Wildlife
21.50" (55 cm)
17.50" (44 cm)
England • English
Late 19th Century


Walter Hunt (1861-1941), Feeding Time 1896 Old Master Oil Painting


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