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Fine Persian Naeen Area Rug
Size: 5'4'' x 9'6''
Materials: Wool & Silk on Cotton
Circa 1950

Close to the western edge of the great desert Dasht-e-Kavir, 200 kilometers east of Isfahan is the picturesque city of Nain. In the city one can see the characteristic clay buildings and one of the oldest mosques in Iran with remains from the 10th century.

Carpets from the city have a high reputation and are very popular. Material as well as the workmanship is of the highest class and the knot density is high; often more than one million knots per square meter. The material in the more exclusive carpets consists of wool on a silk warp or silk in the warp as well as in the weft and pile.

Patterns with a medallion in the middle together with arabesques and floral motifs are common. The similarity to carpets from the nearby city of Isfahan is remarkable. One of the rarer type of Nain carpets on the market is the "Nain Tuteshk" and with incredibly refined craftsmanship, they are much sought after. It sometimes occurs that carpets of slightly lower quality, with similar patterns and colours, are sold as Nain carpets.

The pendant mate to our 289, with a similar very fine urban weave of resilient “Kurk” wool and very crisp dyes producing a deep navy ground centered by a 16-point medallion with round beige core and leaf pendants. Ivory barbed triangular corners with pseudo-vases. Ecru main border of two types of palmettes along with triple posies. Fine condition.

Beige, Blue


Fine Persian Naeen Area Rug

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