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Remarkably good condition for an almost 100 year old camera - these were made to last!

Takes A116 film which is no longer made although some people have made adapters. Nevertheless it makes a great display piece. I have a shelf of folding cameras in my office and they are very attractive.

Although described as "Pocket" you'd need pretty big pockets - dimensions when folded are 8 inches by 3 1/2 inches.

Used Camera Disclaimer.

I am not equipped to test or repair cameras, and sell them on the basis that they may or may not work, at a price consistent with that. I will mention any defects that I am aware of, but my cameras are sold strictly as-is.

I collect vintage cameras for their appearance and cool factor, not to use. Unless otherwise stated, the cameras I sell will look good, and the wind-on, shutter release and focusing work. Other than that they have not been tested or refurbished. Please be aware that with many older cameras the light seals deteriorate with time, requiring replacement. There are videos on You-Tube that show how to do this. Also, some older cameras require batteries and/or film that are unobtainable or hard to find. So if you are buying this camera to use, please be aware of this and do some research.

If, like me, you collect cameras to look at and enjoy as vintage objects, you will not be disappointed in my items.


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Kodak 1A Pocket Folding Film Camera 1926-1931


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