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This old cast iron kitchen tool was probably used for squeezing lemons and such. The two cast handles are hinged together. On one side is a removeable aluminum vessel with a notch on one side for pouring out the extracted juice. The bowl can be removed using the screws on either side. On the opposing handle is an aluminum plunger with a cast aluminum lid. The use of the juicer is simple enough, put the fruit in the cup and squeeze the handles together allowing the juice to pour out. The cast iron frame is japanned in black and molded into the lid is the name Yankee Lidon. I believe this is from the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.

It measures about 9 3/8” long and 2 ¾” high when closed. The inside diameter of the cup is about 2 7/8” by 1 ½” deep. It is in very good original condition with minimal paint wear and the aluminum is clean with minimal discoloration.

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Antique Cast Iron Citrus Squeezer –Yankee Lidon C.I. Lemon/Orange Juice Press


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