This charming antique needlework picture has been executed on silk with watercolor detail. The piece is typical of late 18th and early 19th century embroidery in which artists painted detailed features of individuals on pieces of fabric which were then elaborately stitched by young women.

The image on this piece depicts a woman and child standing hand-in-hand in front of a large tree and bank of thick shrubbery. The pair is attired in period dress with the woman wearing a large hat topped with flowers while the child wears a hat with large feather plumes. The background of the scene includes a green hill with a medieval crenellated tower at its foot which is visible to the left of the child. The sky and hill have been hand painted in watercolors, as have the facial features, hair, forearms and hands of the individuals. Be sure to use the zoom function when viewing the photos to better appreciate the detail of the painting as well as the quality of the embroidery - it is impressive.

The sampler has been placed beneath a green velvet mat with an oval opening. The embroidered picture and mat are both housed under glass within a gilded wooden frame. The frame's paper backing bears an ink stamp from fine artwork conservators and framers Radecki Art Galleries of South Bend Indiana, established in 1958.

The sampler is largely in good condition for its age with intact stitching which has retained much of its original coloration. The silk panel has some condition issues which are typically found in antique needlework including wrinkles and areas of thinning/tears which have been professionally repaired. The replacement frame is structurally sound and free of damage. The paper backing has some minor tears at the corners which are mentioned for accuracy. The visible portion of the needlework is 10.75" by 8" while the dimensions of the frame are 17" by 14". The artwork is ready to hang upon receipt.

This rare piece of embroidery displays beautifully and would be a fantastic addition to a collection of antique silk on silk samplers. A gorgeous antique find!

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Antique Silk on Silk Embroidery Sampler with Hand Painted Watercolor Detail


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