In addition to praying, working was important. The sisters of a convent spent the hours of working on the (spiritual) upbringing of female youth, the daily housework and the carrying out of manual labor. A spiritual meaning was connected to the craft. After all, it offered the opportunity to pray while working, it was considered an exercise in prayer. The handicrafts in the monasteries could take all sorts of forms: spinning, lace making, weaving, embroidering, depreciating and ventilating books and the production of relic applications (the so-called 'wire works'). In the German language area, this manual work is referred to as Klosterarbeit or Klosterfrauenarbeit, because it was practiced mainly in women's monasteries. The manufacture of relic applications, called Drahtarbeiten in German, or in English 'braided gold and silver wire'. This part of Klosterarbeit specifically involves the manufacture of applications or gardens from gold and silver wire, flowers, glass stones, pearls, sequins. With it, modeled animals, fruits and flowers were formed, combined with relics.

This wooden diptych is used for private devotion and is made in southern Germany, dates from the 18th century. On the inside it shows the sculptures from bone with on the left Jesus on the cross, this is the Latin cross or crux immissia, and on the right Maria. Maria is standing on the globe as the queen of heaven. Around the globe is the snake with the apple in his mouth. The snake represents the devil and Maria cruses him with her left foot.

Around the statues are small reliqs behind the names of the saints. On the left side: saint conftantij, s. Honorati, s. Amaiti M., s. Reparati, s. Incognita, s. Pacifici, s. Reliquie, s. Angeli M.. On the right: s. Victoriae, s. Benedictie, s. Veneranti, s. vincentiae, s. Benigni, s. Profper, s. Venoriae, s. Placidi M.

The diptych closes easy and was also used when the owner travelled. The owner could wear the item on a chain or on a prayer cord. When he arrived he can open the item as enter his holy world.

Item is still in great condition, inside colors and text good visible. Wire work in outstanding condition.
Measurements: 5.11 inch = 13 cm high, closed 2.8 inch = 7,2 cm wide, open 14.5 inch = 14,5 cm wide, 1.3 inch = 3,4 cm thick.

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Gold, Silver

La Tresorerie

18th Century wooden private travelling Diptych, Saints, braided gold & silver wire


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