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We were able to buy this unique piece on the last antique hunter trip in France.

19th century French Dore jewels rhinestones altar relic holder with Thérèse Martin.

Unique & Antique 19th Century Napoleon III Era French Dore Jewelry Rhinestone Altar Relic Holder.
It is truly astonishing how many beautiful glass stones have been used in the delicate brass relic holder. This hard to find object with amazing craftsmanship of a religious object.
The reliquary itself is framed by the halo, which stands on a brass sphere (earth) that is held on a pedestal that is completely set on three sides with rhinestones, above the halo is the cross. All this is set with ruby ​​red, green and clear rhinestones in delicate Dore copperware.
The combination of fine details in brass work with the use of different sized rhinestones on this relic holder gives it a glorious look. On the relic is a statue of Saint Therese of Lisieux. The reliquary is closed at the back with a lid. When opened, we see that the relic is still sealed with the original papal seal and the original sealing threads, text indicating that this relic is registered. There are also small original red mounting wires.

Saint Therese of Lisieux:
Thérèse Martin was born on January 2, 1873 in the Normandy town of Alençon. At a very young age she longed for monastic life. As a fourteen-year-old girl she made herself two years older, because she knew that otherwise she would still be too young to enter. So she reported to the monastery. But she was seen through and sent back. Now she immediately turned to the Pope himself. And he gave her permission to start monastic life at the age of 15 with the Carmelite nuns in Lisieux. She was determined to become a saint. At the age of 21 she was already elected mistress of novices, a responsible position, because she had to initiate the novices into monastic life. She was way ahead of her time. She wanted to learn Hebrew, because that was the language that Jesus himself had spoken. In this way she would get to know Him even better and love Him even more. In her prayers she deeply sympathized with the missionaries in distant countries. But she was also modern in the fact that she was repeatedly attacked by inky doubts of faith. She died at the age of 24: September 30, 1897. She is one of the patron saints of France, Lisieux and the Mission. Her help is called in for all kinds of needs. At the beginning of our century, her veneration expanded rapidly throughout the Catholic world. To this day, a statue of her can be found in many churches. She is depicted as a Carmelite woman with roses in her arms. After all, she had promised on her deathbed that she would make it rain roses from heaven: according to the testimony of many present, that is what happened. She is called "The Little Therese" to distinguish her from "The Great Therese" (= Therese of Avila)

Condition: perfect, only lost one green stone on the left side of the lower part

Height: 12.5 inch (= 32 cm)
Wide: 5.7 inch (= 14,5 cm)


La Tresorerie

Unique & antique 19th century Dore jewels Rhinestones Catholic altar relic holder with reliquary Thérèse Martin.

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    La Tresorerie

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