Charles Haviland H.P. Eleven Pc. Ice Cream Set (Platter & Bowls) - Scenic Motifs - Circa 1880 - image 1 of 15

An American, David Haviland, was an importer of French and English porcelains during the early to mid-1800's. In 1849 he moved his family to Limoges, France, to begin his own porcelain manufacturing and decorating factory and as a result, Haviland China, was born. Upon his death in 1879, his two sons split the company. Charles formed Haviland & Co., while Theodore formed Theodore Haviland. Charles Haviland produced this set.

Ice cream and ice made from fruit, were always an important part of every meal. These had to be made in a hand-cranked container and were softer than our ice cream of today. The ice cream was then ladled with a large spoon into and ice cream platter, which is deeper than a normal platter. The dessert was then brought to the table and small matching dishes were filled with the dessert.

This beautiful hand painted ice cream set was executed in a small home studio environment on a Haviland China blanks. The scenic motifs are different on each piece and portray buildings, trees, mountains, streams and native grasses and flowers. The platter and dessert bowls are further enhanced with burgundy embossed basket weave borders edged with gold. The color pallet and artistic rendition of the subjects show this set, thought unsigned, was executed by an accomplished artist.

The platter measures 15" in length, 9" in width and 1 3/4" in depth; the dessert bowls measure 5 1/2" across. Each piece is stamped in green with the Haviland back-stamp. Mark 'D' - "H & Co over two lines, circa 1876-1886. The platter and five of the dessert bowls show no cracks, chips or repairs. The remaining five dessert bowls have rim flakes or nicks, most of which have been repainted by a restorer or previous owner; hardly noticeable. Two of the bowls each show one repaired flake; one bowl has one repaired and one unrepaired flake and the remaining two bowls each show a minor rim nick. These five bowls are shown in the last five photos of the set plus close-ups of repainted/damaged areas. The set priced in accordance with the repaired elements. Fantastic early Haviland Ice Cream set.

Hand Painted, Porcelain
Gold, Rainbow
France • French
Bowls, Platters

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Charles Haviland H.P. Eleven Pc. Ice Cream Set (Platter & Bowls) - Scenic Motifs - Circa 1880


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