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Imperial Kylin is an overlooked creature from Chinese and Tibetan mythology. They are second only to Dragons in mythology , and this one is a Tibetan Kylin with a full suit of armor with a helmet you can see the horns sticking out the back.

This is a circa 1900 Tibetan Kylin bronze temple lion. There were usually two at the entrance to a temple and were used for incense sticks and offerings.

The tail is not original to the piece that was missing when I got it. I made one from resin and then sent the tail and the Kylin out to have a bronze one poured from a wax casting process. Took a good 6 month to get it back but I am happy with the finished piece, not perfect but as close as I can get spent a lot of time aging it and he looks royal and proper now, it comes out of the slot so will make it easier to ship.

Please examine the photos carefully. He swivels on the center joint of his body I think so it would stand on an uneven surface. The neck has a joint too but it's not moving anymore.

Approx. 18" high x 16" long x 8" wide over 20 lbs.


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Antique Circa 1890 Tibetan Kylin Bronze Statue

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