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This is a large and very beautiful original lithograph, created by artist Don Shepler, that is in the style of illustration art. It shows people (mostly couples) who are dressed in 18th Century attire and who are standing amidst the ruins of an old Gothic building. The ruins have partially crumbling floors and walls and is filled with large gothic arches, on its interior columns and at its windows. Because there is no glass in the window arches, the beautiful blue sky of the outdoors is very prominent in this print. This artwork is primarily in the colors of brown, gray, blue, and pink/fuchsia. It has a brown-colored matting, with designs on it that contain leaves and that also appear to suggest a texture of crumbling cement/stucco. This lithograph has the artist’s signature ‘in the plate’. It is also signed (in pencil) by the artist, in its lower right corner. It has other notations that are written in pencil, of “AP” (for Artist Proof) and “Gothic Arch” (which is its title), on its bottom.

Don Shepler worked, in New York City, in (at least) the 1970s. His work was in the style of Illustration Art and he was known for his lithographs that contained fantasy scenes (such as modern versions of scenes from the Alice in Wonderland tale). His popular lithographs were also of colorful flowers and of women with fancy dramatic colorful headwear (that was often made of flowers).

The framed and matted lithograph is about 22 3/4 inches (wide) by 30 3/4 inches (high). The actual image is about 14 inches (wide) by 22 inches (high).

This artwork is in very good condition, with no tears, stains, or folds/bends/wrinkling/warping, on the print’s paper or on the matting. The wood frame is primarily painted silver and it has some brown-painted highlights on it. The frame is also in good condition. There are a few very minor scratches on it. There are some tears on the dust cover that is on the back of this item.

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Vintage Don Shepler (of New York) Original Signed Artist's Proof Colored Lithograph, Entitled Gothic Arches


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