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Antique Repousse Sterling Silver Match Safe d.1898 (20g) (H)2.5in. x (W)1in. A rather ravishing and resilient Repousse Sterling Piece, this Antique Match Safe is certain to garner the respect and attention of many. The Antique is truly a testament to a multitude of the late (19th) Century's artistic influences; a revival of many Old European styles, culminating together to forge this beautiful Sterling Match Safe. Shop records indicate the Antique Sterling Match Safe is an American made Piece; produced in (1898), and designed to accommodate one's Matches for both travel and daily use. Essentially ensuring that one's Matches stay relatively moisture free and dry. The Match Safe is comprised of [.925] Sterling Silver. The Sterling's exterior is richly decorated by bold, Repousse, features. The ornate decor draws inspiration from the Art Nouveau period, with an emphasis on a revival of the Old Baroque styles that were commonly associated with the Era. The Match Safe is operated by a single-hinge, allowing for easy, single-hand access (similar to an old Zippo Lighter) while still preserving the Piece as a singular unit. A "striker" is located to the interior of the Match Safe, offering one the ability to strike a match. A beautiful monogram is engraved to one side of the Safe, giving the Antique a sense of authenticity. To the opposite side, the year "1898" is lightly engraved; indicating the time of production and the Era in which it was used. The condition of the nearly (125) year old Sterling Antique is especially noteworthy, fore this Piece has been cared for well. With the exception of some age-related wear and scuff marks to Sterling's perimeter, the Piece has managed to retain its aesthetic appeal and keep its structural integrity intact. The Repousse features are vividly accentuated by an appropriate amount of Patina. The Antique Repousse Sterling Silver Match Safe is stored in a: dry, secured, environment, and will without question be a highly coveted Antique to add to any respectable collection of Sterling & Tobacciana related Pieces.

Art Nouveau, Baroque Revival, Revival, Rococo Revival
United States • American
Late 19th Century
Compacts, Match Safes

Brian Alan - Antiques and Fine Art

Antique Repousse Sterling Silver Match Safe d.1898 (20g)


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