Beautiful antique porcelain figurine of a women in the nude, her elegant form shaped by the ceramicist. Her waist is draped in a tasteful pink cloth, held by a single string. This polychrome earthenware statuette represents spring in the form of a young lady draped on a square base.

To me, this appears to be part of the famous series of four, allegory of the seasons, produced by Richard Mique in Saint-Clément (never signed). The model is attributed to the Bruges sculptor Paul-Louis Cyfflé (ordinary sculptor of Duke Stanislas) who worked for the faienceries of Lorraine (Toul-Bellevue - Lunéville - Saint-Clément) and founded his own earthenware in Lunéville in 1767. We cannot say with certainty that this is Saint-Clement, but it certainly appears to bear plenty of similarity.

The faience factory of Saint-Clement, 12 kms from Lunéville, was established in 1758 by Jacques Chambrette, who already owned another one in Lunéville. With this second factory he aimed at the higher segment of the market with prestigious objects. The factory received because of this a label as Royal Suplier for Marie-Antoinette's Trianon.

After Jacques died in 1758, his son Gabriel became the new owner. Between 1759 and 1763 the factory was managed by Charles Loyal, Jacques Chambrette's son-in-law, Paul Louis Cyfflé and the architect Richard Mique, who owned half the factory in 1786.

Dated to the 18th century period. I am not an expert, and so cannot say that this is Saint-Clement for sure. If you search online with the phrase "L'hiver - Statuette en faïence de Saint-Clément XVIIIe", you can arrive at your own conclusions.
Condition - minor losses to enamel on the nose, on the knee, the arms and leg. Otherwise excellent antique condition commensurate with age.

Please carefully regard all photos.

21.3 cm in height
379 g

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Art Pottery, Decorative, Hand Made, Hand Painted, Porcelain
St Clement, Luneville
France • French

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Antique porcelain figurine, presumed Saint-Clément 18th century, "Allegory of the seasons"

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