We are offering an 1854 California gold half dollar BG1304. This is a round variety. The coin has no trace of wear, we believe this coin to be in uncirculated condition.

California gold coinage is a broad category of privately-issued coin-like items that were used in place of official currency in the US territory (later state) of California during the gold rush of 1849. Since the federal government reserves the right to issue legal tender coins, California gold coinage is a misnomer and actually references coin-like ingots with a stated tender value, tokens with a stated tender value (denominated), and tokens without a stated tender value (non-denominated). These items are only classified as an ingot if the value of the metal was close to the tender value marked on the piece. In spite of the misnomer, it is common practice among numismatists to label coin-like ingots and denominated tokens as 'coins' while labeling the non-denominated tokens as 'tokens'. Also, the small California Gold coins and tokens have been made in many locations other than California, often with a claim of being from California on the piece and these items are generally labeled as California Gold Coins or Tokens. Coin-like ingots were produced from 1849 until 1856 in denominations of $1, $5, $10, $20, $25, and $50. Many of these were made by well-known assayers. Some of these achieved circulation on the east coast. All are highly valued today.

T-2 - XQZZX- 1/08 - S63 - BC4/21 - 2000

DISCLAIMER: Please examine the photos carefully and purchase based on the condition you see and believe the item is. We do not offer any of our currency or coins that are raw with grades, we offer them only with photos and our asking price. We will state our opinion, but, you be the judge of the quality of our raw currency and coins. We will not specify or guarantee a grade unless the coin or currency has been professionally graded by PCGS, NGC, or PMG. Further, we do not guarantee any raw coin or currency to meet any specific grade by any other standards


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1854 50 Cent California Gold BG1304


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