Here we have a fantastic collection of United States Type Coins produced throughout the 20th Century by various Mints found around the country. Any US dime, quarter, half-dollar, or dollar coin minted prior to 1964 contains 90% Silver meaning that nearly all the large-denomination coins in this collection are actually Silver!

They come framed in a nice display that breaks down the names and mintage years for each Type Coin presented. There are a total of 25 coins in the collection, 12 of which are composed of 90% pure silver. The total Silver weight in all the 90% coins = 116.06 grams!

Don't miss out on this awesome gift idea for the collector in your life! The frame comes with perforated lean-tos installed in the back already. Just pop them out and it's ready to display!

T-2 - 4/21 - XYZX - ZV1/22


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United States 20th Century Type Coins Collection


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