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We are offering a 49BC Roman Republic denarius. This coin was minted under Julius Caesar. This coin was produced by Caesar at his traveling military mint during the Roman Civil War in mid 49BC. This is a very rare coin. We believe this coin to be in very fine condition.

Roman Republican currency refers to the Coinage struck by the various magistrates of the Roman Republic, to be used as legal tender. In modern times, the abbreviation RRC, "Roman Republican Coinage" originally the name of a reference work on the topic by Michael H. Crawford, has come to be used as an identifying tag for coins assigned a number in that work, such as RRC 367.

Coins came late to the Republic compared with the rest of the Mediterranean, especially Greece and Asia Minor where coins were invented in the 7th century BC. The currency of central Italy was influenced by its natural resources, with bronze being abundant (the Etruscans were famous metal workers in bronze and iron) and silver ore being scarce. The coinage of the Roman Republic started with a few silver coins apparently devised for trade with the Greek colonies in Southern Italy, and heavy cast bronze pieces for use in Central Italy.

During the Second Punic war, a flexible system of coins in bronze, silver, and (occasionally) gold was created. This system was dominated by the silver denarius, a denomination that remained in circulation for 450 years. The coins of the republic (especially the denarii) are of particular interest because they were produced by "mint magistrates", junior officials who choose the designs and legends. This resulted in the production of coins advertising the officials' families for political purposes; most of the messages on these coins can still be understood today.

T2 - QXZQ - 2/22 - S20 - BC

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49BC Roman Republic Julius Caesar Denarius


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