We are offering an 1839 US Mint retirement medal commemorating the chief coiner Adam Eckfeldt. This medal is in good condition with only minor flaws. This is a rare early US mint-issued medal.

A much-desired medal among collectors of early American coinage, depicting the first of generations of Eckfeldts who worked at the Philadelphia and San Francisco mints. While Adam is not the patriarch of the numismatically-involved Eckfeldts (that honor would go to his father, John Jacob Eckfeldt, who had a hand in creating the 1783 Nova Constellatio patterns), it was Adam who served at the Philadelphia Mint from its earliest days. Most importantly for modern collectors, Adam Eckfeldt was the founder of the Mint Cabinet, much of which is still preserved in the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution.

This medal depicts a fine portrait of the aged Eckfeldt to right. The simple reverse identifies the reason for the medal's creation: "A farewell tribute of affectionate regard to Adam Eckfeldt from his fellow officers of the U.S. Mint, 1839." Eckfeldt received a gold specimen. A few silver examples were also struck, as was a somewhat larger number of bronze ones like this. Carlson found 18 sales records when he completed his survey in 1986. No record of mintage figures, or even for how long this piece was struck, exists; it is completely absent from the year-by-year (1855-1904) mintage roundup in the back of the Julian book. This could mean one of two things: they were all struck in 1839 (or at least before 1855), or they were mostly struck then and the few that were struck after 1855 were done off-the-books as special favors for friends of Mint staff.

T-2 - QXZQ - 3/22 - S50 - BC3/22

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1839 US Mint Adam Eckfeldt Chief Coiner Retirement Medal


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