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We are offering an 1826 large cent. This coin has heavy wear and a hole from where it was worn as a pendant or used as a button. In our opinion, we believe this coin to have good details.

First struck in 1793, the large cent was coined every year from 1793 to 1857 except 1815. When the United States declared war in 1812 against Great Britain, coinage was affected. The wartime embargo against shipments made it so the mint could not get any new copper planchets, which were imported from Great Britain, to strike coins. The mint made do with what supply it had and struck coins into 1815. After the war ended in 1815, the mint wasted no time in ordering new planchets. For an unknown reason, no coins were dated 1815 from the supply the mint had in the interim. In addition to the copper shortage, people also hoarded precious metals during the war. The Philadelphia Mint produced all large cents, which contained twice the copper of the half-cent. This made the coins bulky and heavy, bigger than modern-day US quarters.

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1826 Coronet Head Large Cent


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