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We are offering a historic $5 CSA note. This note is dated February 17th, 1864 from Richmond. There are numerous folds and some discoloration from age. There are edge tears. In our opinion, we believe this note to be in very fine condition.

The Confederate dollar, often called a "Greyback", was first issued into circulation on the eve of the outbreak of the Civil War in April 1861, when the Confederacy was only two months old. Because the CSA has no hard assets to back their currency, they rush-released Promissory notes to the public that were often hand-signed and hand-cut, leaving the backs bare and the edges frequently uneven. The Confederacy never released a single coin into circulation for a couple of different reasons. First, being the South only had one operational striking mint in New Orleans, second, being the South had to reserve its small cache of bullion for Overseas trade. The only coins produced were a handful of proofs and tests that were never released to the public. The only fractional currency issued was paper half-dollar notes, beginning in March of 1863.

In the decades following, CSA Currency and other Civil War memorabilia have become highly sought after by collectors worldwide, only appreciating in value as time goes on.

Serial #28275

T2 - 4/22 - QXZQ - S20 - BC4/22

DISCLAIMER: Please examine the photos carefully and purchase based on the condition you see and believe the item is. We do not offer any of our currency or coins that are raw with grades, we offer them only with photos and our asking price. We will state our opinion, but, you be the judge of the quality of our raw currency and coins. We will not specify or guarantee a grade unless the coin or currency has been professionally graded by PCGS, NGC, or PMG.


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1864 CSA $5 Currency - T-69 (Confederate States of America)

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