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Produced in 1965-1967 by the Minsk Mechanical Plant named after SI Vavilov (Belarusian Optical and Mechanical Association).
"Chaika " of the first model produced 171,400 copies.

-Type - half-format scale camera.
-The type of photographic material used is type 135 film in standard cassettes.
-Frame size - 18 × 24 mm.
-The body is made of metal, with a hinged rear wall.
-Shutter trigger and film rewind, non-removable take-up spool.
-The shutter button is on the front of the camera, which, according to the designers' intention, should reduce the "shake". The thread for the release cable is made separately.
-Objective - "Industar-69" 2.8 / 28, non-removable. The diameter of the thread for the light filter is M22.5 × 0.5 mm.
-Photographic shutter - central lens, five-leaf, shutter speeds from 1/30 to 1/250 s and "B" [1].
-Synchronous contact "X", there is no clip for attaching a flash unit, attachment to an additional bracket-bracket (included in the set of the flash unit or purchased separately).
-Focus on distance and symbol scales.
-Optical telescopic viewfinder with 0.45 × magnification.
-When the head of the rear wall is opened, the frame counter is reset, the transport toothed roller is unlocked with a separate button. Roulette type rewind head.
-1/4-inch tripod socket thread.
Weight 430g
A series of Chaika devices was produced by BelOMO (in those years still by the Minsk Mechanical Plant named after S.I. Vavilov), as well as Agat-18, but preceded it. The first Chajka appeared in 1965.

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Vintage USSR film Camera Chaika industar 69

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